Currently based in and around the Chesterfield/North East Derbyshire area, Claire has lived and breathed skating for most of her life. From the early days in Rollerworld Derby with her friends, to starting Roller Derby teams, running Roller Derby bootcamps, taking teams for international matches, working with vulnerable adults and children right through to discos, parties and 1:1 coaching. Claire has introduced hundreds, if not thousands of people to skating over the years, and she isn't done yet :-) So if you want to engage with skating at any level she and the team she has around her will be able to help. If you are looking for someone to help your kids then from a pretty early age (Claire's kids were skating from about 3 years old! Edit- they have done their own research and they would like it to be known that the first go either of them had on skates was at 2 years and 3 months, kids eh!) Then we can help you and them out. If you are interested in skating, then drop us a message, we will be able to help in some way, we are sure!
Although Chris came to skating later in life (which gives him a different perspective to share with older skaters) he also has 15 years experience of teaching to fall back on when it comes to both dealing with groups of children and making sure you get the best from your sessions with him. He'll find a way to get you doing what you need or want to be doing :-)

Both Claire and Chris do share a passion for skating and helping you get the best from your skating. If you are trying something new, or they simply see something in your skating that could be smoother and make your life easier or better when on 8 wheels they will offer you whatever assistance they think you might need. This open and friendly approach isn't unique to the two of them though. It's a culture that has permeated the regular events that they put on and you'll find most of the regulars are just as friendly and approachable!

Aside from that, we are fully insured and all the full time staff are DBS checked. It's not the biggest thing in the grand scheme of things, but we do believe if you are doing something, you should be doing it right.

Sometimes people are really nice...

We always try our best to help our skaters feel welcome, look after their children, help their skating develop over time and generally do what we can to make sure everyone can their skating as much as possible. It delights us when it works :-) Here are a few testimonials from Google, our Facebook page and community group and anywhere else we get mentioned.
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"We love our family skate sessions at the Arc on a Friday night. Chris (who is always smiling), the staff and the rink rats are always on hand to help you if needed. Fun for all ages and abilities in a relaxed and safe environment"

"Friendly staff. Helped me learn the basics. Didn't laugh when I fell. Will definitely go again we loved it x"

"Took my 2 children here one has a disability they both had a great time chris and Claire were brilliant with them thank you!"

"My girls and their friends regularly go skating at Matlock. It's the highlight of their week! Very friendly & great music. Chris & Claire are always welcoming, and happy to answer any questions, help with skates, provide tips. 100% recommend"

"My son goes every week without fail he is a rink rat and helps the new skaters when they come. It’s such a really friendly place to skate and Chris will help you to sort your skates if they need a little tweaking"

"Great roller disco for kids. My kids go most Fridays. It’s run by lovely friendly people. Kids can be dropped off knowing that they are in safe hands - they are teachers and first aid trained."

"Me and best friend first starting skating last year with Chris at the Arc! He is amazing, he taught us everything we know, he is so patient and understanding! Chris always has the time for everyone that comes along!!
Chris and Claire are so friendly, supportive and always up for a good laugh if you need one! If roller skating is something you have wanted to try, 100% give it a go with Chris at Skate121!"

"We love our family skate sessions at the Arc on a Friday night. Chris (who is always smiling), the staff and the rink rats are always on hand to help you if needed. Fun for all ages and abilities in a relaxed and safe environment"

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