Roller Derby.

Are you interested in roller derby training? Need to get to minimum skills and want to do it quickly? Want to get to minimum skills to take some confidence into approaching a roller derby team? If you want her to, Claire will get you where you want to be. Her experience from Roller Derby bootcamps, to regular coaching sessions with the teams she has been involved with, to launching senior and junior teams and even taking a junior team to Belgium for the first international junior roller derby bout, she has the experience you need!

Sheffield Steel Rollergirls, Mansfield Roller Derby, Derby Haunted City, Ilkeston Roller Girls, Charleroi Roller Derby and Lincolnshire Bombers have all had bootcamps or more regular training sessions with Claire over the years.
Chesterfield Twisted Roller Vixens was the team that Claire started and ran until she moved on to new projects (One called Millie, and one called Alice!)

This doesn't include all the teams nationally that she was in contact with, supporting her passion of junior teams to help bring youth into the sport she loved so much. She had a real focus on helping people see past the potentially intimidating look of roller derby and help introduce people into the thriving community of skaters who loved the sport.

So if you are keen on entering the sport, want a helping hand from someone who is keen to see you succeed and, just as importantly, enjoy your skating, get in touch with us via email and we will get you going.