Where are we skating?

Premier Kicks Skating
8-18's only.

Tuesday night skating at Chesterfield Football Club is back on! You can skate for free if you are aged 8-18 years old thanks to the Premier League Kicks programme. If you need some skates just ask! There are now two sessions, 6.15pm until 7.15pm and 7.15pm until 8.15pm. Both sessions are open to all ages. If you want to come along just hit the link and book in on their booking system. If you want to know where to where to enter the stadium (The Chesters Play Den entrance around the back) click this Google Maps link.

Matlock Roller Disco!
All ages and abilities and even some spectators again!

Skating is fully back for all ages and abilities! Every Friday evening from 6.00pm until 7.45pm we provide the space and the music for you to skate (on your own skates or blades, or we can hire you some skates to help you get started) We can have some spectators in the hall but only if they are booked in advance. Not sure where Arc Leisure is? Click here for a Google Maps link. Fancy coming along? Click here for the booking page.

The Village Hall, Calver!

We are moving out in the world! Serving Bakewell, Curbar, Stoney Middleton, Baslow, Hathersage and more. Calver Village Hall will be the first of hopefully many new places to skate :-) We started off with a fortnightly roller disco on a Sunday afternoon but even more excitingly... The first of our sessions aimed at skaters who can skate :-) From mid teens upwards we are hosting events that allow skating without our smallest skaters to allow real development of your skills. With a big screen to watch inspiring videos and tutorials! Not sure where the village hall is? Click this link for a Google Maps link and if you want to come along, nip over to the bookings page :-)

The Grand Pavilion,
Matlock Bath.

Our latest, and potentially greatest venue is the historic Grand Hall, in the Grand Pavilion, Matlock Bath. Opening in 1910 and hosting roller discos from the first year of opening The Pav (as it's locally known from its stint as a nightclub) is a simply fabulous venue. Currently run as a community lead charity they host a range of events from gigs to beer festivals, from ghost walks to plays, courses to private parties and now, skating is back as well!We don't skate in the old ballroom downstairs which is now a museum but skating has moved upstairs to the main hall which simply oozes character and history. Supplemented by their lighting rig and gig level sound system this really is our treat night. No spectators and sorry but no beginners means this is a night for skaters who just love to skate. Two and a half hours of skating which ends just before the band comes on over the road at The Fishpond pub so we can have a chat, listen to some amazing (and free) live music and round the evening out.
Not sure where Matlock Bath and the Grand Pavilion is? Hit this link for Google Maps to help out and hit this link if you want our booking page so you can come to the next one :-)