Social media, it's everywhere!

So these are the places we go for information, second hand stuff, things to watch, things to make us smile :-)

Skate121 - Facebook

This is where you are most likely to get the latest news on what is going on in our world. So like the page and get the news first!

Mickyb12 - Instagram

I can only dream of being as smooth on my skates as Micky B! (Chris speaking) If I can reach his age and half his skill I'll be happy :-)

Nicole Fiore - Instagram

There is no denying it, the girl can move! Get ready for some small envy and get inspired.

Roller Derby Recyclables

A thriving community of skaters moving on some great kit. On a budget or looking for something a bit out of the ordinary, join the group and see what you can find. We have had some great gear from there.

Fairy on Skates - Instagram

Floats through the air and moves around a bowl or skate park with real flow. Still fairly early on in her journey if you want to scroll back and see how it came about.

Ricardo Lino - YouTube

But he is a rollerblader! Yes, but he is living the dream with his own skate park and does get out on his quads occasionally as well. Deeply enthusiastic about being on wheels.

Braille - YouTube

Skateboards! Yep, but they are all about trying to get people to ride boards and progress. Different set of wheels, but the message remains the same...

Dirty School of Skate - Youtube

From her days in roller derby, to the skate hall, to moving into ramp skating during lockdown Dirty Deborah Harry has an idea and an approach for pretty much anything you can imagine.